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Amanda Wemhoff

417 Dawn Drive

Columbus, NE 68601



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Mandy's Munchkin's In-Home Daycare



About the Provider:                                                                                     *Last Revised Manual on 4/26/2017


I have had a love for working with children for many years. I was a preschool teacher for over 4 years. I have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education & a Certificate in Professional Nanny from Central Community College. I am an active member of the local child care association. My husband Brandon is employed at ADM in the maintenance dept. He has an Associates Degree in Welding from Central Community College. We have four beautiful children: our two daughters (Leigh Ann & Harper) and two sons (Hayden & Hudson). I enjoy spending time with my family by going camping, swimming, playing board games and card games, shopping, watching movies and going to garage sales.



Mandy's Munchkin's Goals:


My goal as a child care provider is to provide quality care that meets all the needs of the children. I understand that having a safe and loving environment is important. I believe my strong work ethic and my passion and determination in the field of Early Childhood has made me a successful child care provider.


Non-Discrimination Policy:


I welcome all children and their families regardless of race, age, marital status, religious preferences or disabilities.




Open Door Policy:


I want all families in my care to feel their child(ren) are getting the best possible care. With that said, I have an open door policy so you may show up anytime during the day unannounced to see your child(ren). This does not mean that I do not lock my doors. Doors will be locked during daycare when I am not expecting drop off or pick up. This is to ensure the safe of the children in my care.


Daycare Hours

My hours are from 7:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday.

**** IMPORTANT NOTE: **** Even though my operative hours are for 10 1/2 hours a day, these hours are my accommodation times. (Meaning I do not open every day for these hours unless children are scheduled to be here) Your child may only be in care during your scheduled times/days. This is not only important for me to meal/activity plan but also to schedule my own family activities/events & so I can plan for transportation to getting my children to their activities if need be.

Parents with Varying Schedules: Work schedules must provide me with a schedule for the week with not only days but times. If a change in your schedule arises, please let me know. (Schedules for the next week must be given by Friday)

Parents with set regular hours: I require advance notice if you need to change your daycare hours, and I, the provider must approve the change. There may be times I cannot accommodate changes in schedules due to the schedules of other children I have enrolled and my capacity limitations.

~If an emergency arises that causes you to be late picking up your child(ren) past the schedules time, a phone call is necessary or a different arrangement for picking up that day may be necessary~


When Giving Me a Schedule: Make sure to allow time to drop-off/pick-up when giving me your schedule: example: work 8-5 (Schedule should say 7:30-5:30 or 7:45-5:15 since it has travel time to/from daycare). Your Schedule can be thru paper, Facebook fan page message or text message. Schedules for the next week must be given by Friday. Make sure that if you are not handing me a schedule in person that I respond back that I have received it.

*If your child(ren) will be in care on a day you do not work please let me know so I will know how to contact you if an emergency arises.

Holding Fee for new clients:

I do not charge an enrollment fee; however, before your child is admitted into child care (or to hold a future spot) a holding fee must be paid. This fee is equal to one week of childcare and will be credited towards your first weeks fee. In the event your child does not start care by the agreed upon date, your position will be forfeited and your fee paid to hold the position will become nonrefundable.

Rates and Payment:

  I charge flat weekly rates for full-time spots only.


  I accept infants 6 weeks thru 12 years old.

* $125 per week for one child

* $30/day ($150/wk) for drop-ins per child

* $25/week holding fee per child for school-age children (Kindergarten and up) who will come during non-school days & summers when there is a younger sibling in care. Fee will account for 1 day of each week. Each additional day will be the $25 or $125 weekly rate. (The $25 holding Fee does not carry into the next week if unused)




Weekly rates are the same regardless of the child's attendance, holidays, and child short term illnesses (i.e.: cold, ear infection, fever, etc.)

*You will receive a statement from me monthly or yearly depending on what you prefer with the invoices & payments. I use KidKare software. (These will be placed in your childs daycare cubby or backpack for you to take home)         

   A year end report will be given at the beginning of each year for the previous year for tax purposes.


***Childcare Payments must be given to the provider by hand during daycare hours

before care is given on Monday for that particular week.

Bounced Checks and Court Fees

If a check is returned to me for non-sufficient funds, you will be required to pay a fee of $30. If it should become necessary for me to resort to legal action to collect unpaid fees, parent(s) or guardian(s) will be responsible for legal fees incurred by me.

Late Payment Fee: a late fee of $10/day will apply if payment is not received by closing time on Monday (5:30pm). I have the right to refuse services or terminate care if not paid on time.

Termination Procedure


Either parent/legal guardian or provider may terminate daycare services by giving a two-week written notice in advanced of the ending date. Payment by parent/guardian is due for the notice period, whether or not the child is brought to the provider for care. The provider may terminate daycare services without any notice if the parent/legal guardian does not make payment when due.


Provider's Holidays, Vacations and Other Absences:


The following holidays are paid and daycare will be closed:


New Year's Day            (if on Saturday- closed Friday / if on Sunday- Closed Monday)

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Independence Day      (if on Saturday- closed Friday / if on Sunday- Closed Monday)

Labor Day


Day after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve             (if on Saturday- closed Friday / if on Sunday- Closed Monday)

Christmas Day             (if on Saturday- closed Friday / if on Sunday- Closed Monday)



Provider Vacation/Days Off:

I receive 3 paid days off each year. (This does not include holidays).  I will notify you of days in advance and make it known that the paid days will be used. Any additional days I may take after the 3 paid days will be unpaid.

***I will take a week off at Christmas time and/or a week off at either spring break or the summer to spend quality time with my children during their time off school. I will notify families of these date in August when the school calendars are out.  This time will be unpaid unless I am using the 3 paid vacation days. Families will be given plenty of advanced notice to make other child care arrangements if needed.

  •  If for any reason I would need to take a day off for any reason (emergency or non), I will try to give as much notice as possible so other child care arrangements can be made.
  • You will not have to pay for childcare on any particular day that is not a paid holiday that I have to be closed unless any of my 3 paid vacation days are being used.  (if I close during daycare and children need to be picked up- the day will be prorated unless more than 6 hours of care has been given that day). I will provide you with the correct weekly amount if applicable so it may be taken off for the next weeks payment.
  • If 6 or more hours of care have been provided, the weekly fees will not be discounted for that closing. this would only be in an emergency such as me or one of my children became ill or a major crisis occurred. 


Daycare Families Vacation/Days Off:


As an In Home Childcare Provider, I have no benefits and I am reliant on the income from the childcare spots that are filled. If you take any time for vacation, your payment will be the same as if your child was in attendance. Same policy applies to any absences your child(ren) may have from the daycare. I would appreciate a one-week notice prior to a vacation.  Weekly pay is due prior to vacations. Thank you for your understanding.

Substitute Providers at Daycare

If I ever have to go to an appointment etc., I have a substitute provider for my in-home daycare. They are approved by the state & have had background checks through the state. Currently, my mother & my husband are my subs. My mother works a shift job and is able to on occasion help when needed for me to go to appointments or my children/s school events. My husband works each day but does on occasion help from 4pm on if I am needing to go to a doctor appt so that I may avoid closing daycare.  Brandon Wemhoff (my husband): 402-615-0963  Terrie Ewert (my mother): 402-363-8067

Care Arrangements on Closed Days:

Parents will be responsible for arranging substitute care when needed. Please have a back-up caregiver for your child(ren) in case of an emergency closing or in case your child is sick and not able to attend Mandy's Munchkin's Daycare.

Enrollment Procedures/ First Day of Care Items Needed:


The following forms are required and need to be completed prior to the first day of care:

    • Complete copy of immunization records
    • Health & Human Services Enrollment/Medical Form
    • Read State Parent Brochure: Fill out & sign form >>>Return signed portion 
    • Food program enrollment forms ( & feeding schedule form for infants)
    • Read Mandy's Munchkin's Parents Manual online: fill-out & sign form that you have read manual.
    • Read fillout & sign Parent/Provider Contract. Sign and return (you will get a copy from Mandy)
    • read and fill-out media release form and transportation form. sign and return.


 The following items are needed the first day in care:

  • Older Children: They will need a bookbag/bag with a change of clothes (appropriate for the season) including socks/ Sunscreen during warm weather months & blanket/stuffed animal for naptime if needed for security. (This bag will go home each day)
  • Older Children: reusable water bottle with drinking spout to drink water from throughout the day (This will stay at daycare)
  • Infant/Todders: diapers, wipes, & a bottle/sippy. (one binkie if they use it) >> These items will stay at daycare.
  • Infant/Toddlers: They will need a diaper bag/bag each day with a few change of clothes & things such as powder/rash cream, gas drops, nose syringe, teething gel, sunscreen, extra binkie *Toddlers or older infants over 12mos who sleep on mats may bring a blanket/stuffed animal for naptime. *Infants under 12mos or still in playpen for naps will need a swaddler blanket (the ones that are already shaped like a swaddle with velco straps or sleep sack for nap. By law they can not have a loose blanket or toys in the playpen during sleeping times.
  • All Ages: Hat, gloves, coats & tennis shoes/boots and socks for the cold weather months. Children will need shoes during other months as we do go outside to play and will need jackets/coats as weather permits.



We are all aware of how unpredictable Nebraska winters can be. I know that weather and driving conditions can cause late pick-ups. These are unavoidable, but please try to remember the hours you are contracted for. Please pay close attention to the weather to help avoid late pick-up.




Child Emergencies:


For life-threatening emergencies, I will call 911 and the parents. If the parents cannot be reached, I will call those listed as contacts in the enrollment form.


Disaster Preparedness Plan

In the event of an emergency situation I have outlined the below response plan. Please know that I will make every attempt to notify you so it is vital that you keep your emergency contact information up-to-date. (It is important to keep your parents manual in an easily accessible location so you will have this information handy in an emergency)


      1. If an emergency is confined to the immediate area at childcare home (e.g. fire) and the children cannot stay on the childcare premises, the children will be taken to:

        The Home of Cassie Chohon: 651 9th Ave Columbus, NE 68601 (402)910-2694

The children will remain at this location while you or your emergency contact is notified of the situation. In the event that contact cannot be made via phone (cell service is unavailable), please meet at this location to reunite with your child following an emergency.

      2. If the emergency is more wide spread and encompasses a larger area such as the neighborhood due to an environmental threat (e.g. gas leak, flood, etc.) and the children cannot remain in the immediate area, they will be transported to the following location:

              The Home of Tiffany Cannon: 2009 14th Street Columbus, NE 68601 (402910-6017     

The children will remain at this location while you or your emergency contact is notified of the situation. In the event that contact cannot be made via phone (cell service is unavailable), please meet at this location to reunite with your child following an emergency.


       1. Every effort will be made to contact you as soon as the children are safe. If we cannot reach you, we will contact your alternate emergency contact listed on your child's information sheet. Children will only be released to you or your alternate emergency contact during times of emergencies.

Please rest assured that I will remain with and care for your child at all times during an emergency to ensure your child's safety. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns

**Special Needs: In the event that I were to ever have any special children, plans would be discussed on a case-to-case basis. We (provider & parent(s)/guardian(s) will discuss specific emergency plans including proper emergency evacuation as to meet the needs of that particular child. These plans will written and signed and copy will be placed in child's records.

-Fire ad Tornado diagram escape plans are posted for your viewing-


State laws require each child enrolled in daycare to be current and up to date with immunizations. I, as a licensed childcare provider, am required to have a copy in your child's file. Each time your child receives new immunizations; it is your responsibility to make sure I receive the new, up to date copy of them.


Child's Exclusion Due to Illness:


-Illness that prevents the child from participating comfortably in daycare activities.

Illness that results in a greater need for care than our staff can provide without compromising

the health and safety of other children.

-Illness that poses a risk of spread of harmful disease to others

-Fever (100° axillary (armpit), 101° orally, 102° aural/ear)* and behavior change or other signs

and symptoms, e.g., sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, irritability, constant crying,

difficulty breathing.

-Diarrhea more watery stools or decreased form of stool that is not associated with change

of diet. Exclusion is required for all diapered children whose stool is not contained in the

diaper and toilet-trained children if the diarrhea is causing accidents. Diapered children with

diarrhea will be excluded if the stool frequency exceeds 2 or more stools above normal for

that child.

-Blood or mucus in the stools not explained by dietary change, medication, or hard stools,

and/or uncontrolled, unformed stools that cannot be contained in a diaper/underwear or toilet.

Special circumstances that require specific exclusion criteria include the following:

-Toxin-producing E coli or Shigella infection, until the diarrhea resolves and the

test results of 2 stool cultures are negative for these organisms

-Salmonella serotype Typhi infection, until diarrhea resolves. In children younger

than 5 years with Salmonella serotype Typhi, 3 negative stool cultures are


-Vomiting more than 2 times in the previous 24 hours unless the vomiting is determined to be

caused by a non-communicable condition and the child is not in danger of dehydration.

-Mouth sores with drooling unless the child's medical provider or local health department

authority states that the child is noninfectious.

-Abdominal pain that continues for more than 2 hours or intermittent abdominal pain

associated with fever, dehydration, or other signs of illness.

-Rash with fever or behavioral changes, until a physician has determined it is not a

communicable disease.

-Purulent conjunctivitis (defined as pink or red conjunctiva with white or yellow eye discharge)

until on antibiotics for 24 hours.

-Impetigo until 24 hours after treatment has been started.

-Strep throat (or other streptoccol infection) until 24 hours after treatment has been started.

-Head lice until after treatment and all nits are removed.

-Rubella, until 6 days after the rash appears.

-Scabies until 24 hours after treatment has been started.

-Chickenpox, until all lesions have dried or crusted (usually 6 days after onset of rash).

-Pertussis (Whooping cough) until 5 days of appropriate antibiotics.

-Mumps, until 5 days after onset of parotid gland swelling.

-Measles, until 4 days after onset of rash.

-Hepatitis A virus until 1 week after onset of illness or jaundice or as directed by the health

department (if the child's symptoms are mild).

-Tuberculosis, until the child's medical provider or local health department states the child is

on appropriate treatment and can return.

-Any child determined by the local health department to be contributing to the transmission of

illness during an outbreak.


>>>Infants less than 4 months of age will be excluded if they have a fever of 100° axillary (armpit) or 100.4° aural (ear) and should receive medical attention as soon as possible.

*Any child with a fever of 104° will be excluded and should receive medical attention as soon as possible.

 Any infant younger than 2 months with a fever should get urgent medical attention.

 Children who have been excluded may return when:

-They are free of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for a full 24 hours.

-Readmission after diarrhea can occur when diapered children have their stool contained by the

diaper (even if stools remain loose) and when toilet-trained children do not have toileting accidents.

-They have been treated with an antibiotic for a full 24 hours.

-They are able to participate comfortably in all usual program activities, including outdoor time.

-They are free of open, oozing skin conditions and drooling (not related to teething) unless:

1) The child's health-care provider signs a note stating that the child's condition is not

contagious, and;

2) The involved areas can be covered by a bandage without seepage or drainage through the bandage.

If a child has been out of the center due to any of the reasons above or any other reason deemed necessary by the child's medical provider, please let the daycare know. It may be beneficial to share this information with families in the daycare. If so, your family information will remain confidential; however, this will help me and families observe the other children for symptoms and could assist their medical provider in making a diagnosis.

If a child is excluded because of a reportable communicable disease, a doctor's note stating that the child is no longer contagious and may return is required.


***The daycare makes the final decision whether or not to exclude a child from the program.




Medications (both over the counter & prescription) will be given only if it is in its original container with the label attached and a signed authorization from the parent is required. Prescription medications MUST be current (no prescription drugs will be given to a child that is old and that may not be suitable for the illness to be treated). It is also very important for me to be aware of ANY medications your child is being given at home so please keep me informed. Medication Blue Folder is located in the front closet. (I do prefer to only have medications brought to daycare if there is no possible way to be given at home)




Mandy's Munchkin's does not provide transportation to and from school/home. There are times we may go on a local trip to such places but not limited to: local park, Earl May to look at animals, library etc. when I do not have many children in care. Nebraska State Car Seat Laws will be enforced. You may need to provide your child with the proper child restraint if I do not have one for your child. If I do not have signed permission, I will not transport.



Nutritious meals and snacks will be served following the requirements of the Providers Network Program. I provide Parents Choice infant Formula. If you wish to provide your own formula or breast milk, please indicate in the appropriate place on the CACFP form. I serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. (Infants are fed as needed). Children must be in attendance 30 minutes prior to a meal. This gives me enough time to prepare the adequate amount of food for the children. A medical note will be required if your child has any food allergies. Food substitutes are the responsibility of the parents. Weekly menus will be available upon request. 

Meal Times are listed in The Section with the Daily Schedule




I asked that children do not bring toys from home. I have a large variety of toys. (I would hate to see a special toy get lost or even broken. Children have a harder time sharing their toys that are brought from home.) Your child is allowed to bring a security item (blanket/stuffed animal) for quiet time. 


Learning Through Play & Activities:


 (See Schedule for more information on when our activities will occur)


The needs of the children will be met:

Social/Emotional: talked to; hug; others to interact with learning to share and how to treat others; toys that encourage them to role play.

(infants) cuddled; talked to; being with other infants and mentally they are offered challenging and age appropriate toys. 

taught what feelings they are having and how to appropriately express themselves.

 Cognitive: Developmental activities; games; crafts; colors/shapes/numbers; reading books, age appropriate toys to play with and figure out; asking them simple questions during play (ex. How many animals do you have? What color is that block?)

(infants) challenging & age appropriate toys; singing to them; reading to them; peek-a-boo etc.

Physically: room to play indoors and out; activities and toys that promote fine and gross motor skills.

(Infants) area to play safe, tummy time, feeding them, changing diapers; other basic needs met promptly.


Text Box: One of the most important things young children learn through all this tireless trial and error is how to connect events, feelings, memories, thoughts, and learning together into experience and to file it away in their brains under certain symbols. Miraculously, this all starts to happen well before they have command of spoken language. Simply stated, through play, they learn to symbolize their experiences.    

        ***If special needs children are in care, they will have the same opportunity to learn and be in the routine as anyone else, it may need to be altered a little depending on the disability but it is important they have the same chance to learn as anyone else.


Release of Children:


Children will only be allowed to leave with persons, other than the parent, only if that person has been listed on the registration forms as an authorized pick-up in writing by the parent. Any changes to authorized pick-ups must be done in writing. Identification of non-typical people picking up child will be checked. This is for the safety of the children.

Proper Clothing Attire:

Child's play is messy work. Keep in mind our child will be painting, play outside on the grass, playing with chalk and other various activities and that meal time spills etc. do occur. The children will participate in all indoor activities regardless of their attire so I ask that you please send your child in appropriate clothing.

 Please make sure your child has appropriate outside wear so they can make the most of their outdoor play. When weather permits we will go outside (coat, gloves, hat, jacket etc.) and please provide sunblock if needed. I will not put sunblock on children if they do not provide any, as to avoid allergic reactions etc.


Not only is it of the utmost importance that you make me aware of any allergies or other negative reactions your child has had to certain foods, it is also important to let me know of non-food reactions such as hives from certain soaps, chemical etc.

Naptime/ Quiet Time:


We have naptime every day from 12:00-2:30pm (or as appropriate for infants/toddlers). The younger children will lie down to nap (prek and under), and the older children will participate in a quiet time as well. They may bring a book to read etc.  If you wish for your child to have a blanket for nap please provide one daily. If dropping off or picking up during this time, please try to stay as quiet as possible so the napping children do not get awaken. *Please be advised that our schedule may be off course some days and nap may start later, causing nap to go past 2:30pm.


Toilet Training:


Toilet training will be handled in a relaxed manner when the child is ready, typically ages 2-3 years).  I will not potty train until you are working with them at home so that training is consistent for at least two weeks. Please dress your child in clothing that promotes independence. (No overalls/jumpers or hard to undo buttons) I use a potty chair as well as the regular toilet with a stool. Any soiled clothing will be placed in a plastic bag to go home for washing. Children will need to use pull-ups or diapers during training until they have been accident free for two weeks (including not having dirty pull-ups) Send several changes of clothing a day until toileting has been mastered. During the first week of training, the  child will be scheduled to use the toilet at consistent ties of the day before/after breakfast, before/after lunch, before/after nap time, before/after outside play, and just before going home) whether the child needs to use the toilet or not. This will help them to establish some sort of routine.




Diapering Procedure:

Diapers will be changed/checked as listed on the daily schedule although soiled or dirt diapers will be changed immediately as needed in between those times. Disposable wet wipes are used during changes to clean children. Changing pad surfaces are sanitized and hands are washed before and after each diaper changings/checks. All diapers are thrown into a trash can with a covered lid inaccessible to the children. If clothing is soiled or dirty, a change of clothes (provided by parent) will be put on. The soiled/dirty clothing will be placed and tied into a plastic sack and placed in the children's cubby to be taken home for cleaning. (cubby's are in closet & inaccessible to children)


Special Days:


You are welcome to send a special snack (i.e.: cookies, cupcakes, etc.) to celebrate your child's birthday or any special day for your child if you would like. Please ask for the number of children attending that day so that we will have enough to go around.


Daycare Rules:


I expect all children (with age taken into consideration) to know the rules of the daycare.

  • No hitting, kicking, biting, pushing etc.
  • No jumping on furniture
  • No shoes on in the house
  • No throwing balls or other toys in the house
  • No picking up babies or toddlers
  • No leaving the yard when outside (children will be supervised)
  • No name calling, teasing, etc.

Discipline will be handled as follows:


We use discipline to teach a child. I achieve this through love, consistency and firmness. I stress two main patterns of behavior: respect of other people and respect for property. The children are explained the rules of the child care home frequently, so they are all familiar with the guidelines.

Please keep in mind that there will be disagreements between children. Young children especially, who are not adept at communication; have a hard time expressing their feelings. Sometimes they hit or throw toys, etc. Although teaching children appropriate behavior is what I will be doing, remember that this behavior is normal in most cases.

The following methods of discipline will be used:

*Encourage children to solve problems themselves              

* Intervention and discussion                                                                                                            

* Redirection to another play area                                     

* Loss of privileges       

* Time-out

If I feel there is a chronic behavioral issue that needs attention, I will let you know so that you and I are handling it in the same way and your child has continuity in discipline between our homes. These types of behavior might include such things as biting, use of bad words, chronic hitting, etc.

Together, we will try to find a solution. You may be called to remove your child if his/her behavior prevents me from being able to properly care for the other children. If problem continues, other arrangements for the care of the child will have to be made, for the safety and well-being of all.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will there be any spanking, physical abuse, verbal abuse or name calling used. Neither food nor sleep will ever be withheld from children as a means of punishment.

Daily Schedule

   (Infants are not on a set schedule)


6:30am-8:30am        Arrival/Free Play/Wash Hands/Breakfast

8:30am-9:30am        Diaper Check/Learning Activities

9:30am-10:30am      AM Snack (optional) /Group Play/ Project Time

10:30am-11:00am    Free Play

11:00am-12:00pm    Wash Hands/ Lunch/ Diaper Check

12:00pm-2:30pm      Naptime/ Quiet Play Time

3:30pm-4:00pm        Wash Hands/ PM Snack/Diaper Check               

4:00pm-5:00pm        Outdoor Play (Weather Permit)

5:00pm-5:30pm        Free Play/Storytime/Departure


  • Please note: With regards to diapers they will be changed if needed during a diaper check and if in-between diapers checks if needed.




Closing Statement:

                                                                                                                                              I am a professional licensed family child care provider. I am required to have at least 12 hours of in-service training per year as well as be CPR/ 1st Aid certified. I have a degree in the Early Childhood Education and I am a member of the local child care association. This was my life long career choice because of my love for working with and caring for young children. It is easy to forget that my services are much like any other business because I choose to work from home. Please remember that we have a normal family like yours with our own separate lives away from the daycare to be spent as a family. For this reason, please make sure to pick up your child on time. Also please remember that paying your bill in a timely matter is important as this is my means of contributing to my family's needs. I appreciate your respect and do not hesitate to discuss my policies if you have a concern. Open communication right from the beginning is the best way you ensure that your child has the best experience in my daycare and to assure you that you made the right decision in choosing a child care provider. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation



Parents Manual


I, ___________________________, have read and received the Mandy's Munchkin's Parent Manual. I agree to follow the manual and what is expected of me as a parent of the daycare. I understand that I am to refer back to this manual when needed and if I misplace the manual I will ask to receive a new one as well as look up the information on the Facebook Fan Page and website when needed (under parent's manual on both sites).

Signed:____________________________________        Date:____________



Media Use

 I, the undersigned, do hereby (___) grant or (___) deny permission to Mandy's Munchkin's to use my image of my child(ren), ______________________________ , purely for use on the Mandy's Munchkin's Daycare Web site/ Facebook fan page to share activities that children are doing and promote the daycare entirely. I do understand that my child's last name will not be used in conjunction with any video or digital images.

Signed: ____________________________________         Date: ____________


Excursion& Transportation Consent

I, ______________________, the parent/guardian, hereby give permission to Amanda Wemhoff of Mandy's Munchkin's Daycare

 for my child(ren) ___________________________________________________  for the following:

1) To participate in excursions away from the family daycare home that does not involving transportation such as (but not limited to) walks in the neighborhood, walks to the playground, parks and libraries.

2) *OPTIONAL - (___) grant or (___) deny to participate in excursions away from the family daycare home using

private transportation to locations such as (but not limited to) libraries, parks, schools, playgrounds, museums and stores.

Parent/Guardian signature: _____________________________________    Date: _____________
Parent/Guardian signature: _____________________________________    Date: _____________


I, Amanda Wemhoff, the provider for the above mentioned child will transport the child to special trips. I will use safety seats/devices necessary such as strollers etc. and good judgment. I will not use private transportation without notifying parents ahead and obtain state approved car seats etc.

 This form is valid from the above mentioned date until termination.

Provider signature: ____________________________ Date: _____________


Mandy’s Munchkin’s Daycare

Parent / Provider Contract 


Amanda Wemhoff


 [email protected]

417 Dawn Dr Columbus, NE 68601                                                                         


Rates and Payment Policies:

Payment fee shall be $ _________ per week for _____________________________________< List Child(ren)

Payment will be made on Monday of each week before care is given. A late payment fee of $10/day will apply if payment if not received that Monday at 5:30pm for the week’s pay. If payment is not received, child(ren) will not be able to come back to daycare until payment has been made including any late fees occurred. 

This rate is on a 40 hour per work week basis. Care cannot exceed 45 hrs per week including travel time.

Schedule:  For the purpose of the agreement, (Please indicate which one with an “x”)

 _____ I have a set schedule: I will not be dropped off before _____ A.M. and picked up before _____ P.M.  

Days in Care: M-F or ___________________

_____ I have a varying schedule & will the following:______________________________________________


_____ I have a varying schedule that changes week-to-week. I will give a written schedule with days & times  via paper, text or Facebook. I will give the new schedule to daycare at least 24 hours before the care is given.


***Even though my hours are 7:00am-5:30pm, these are accommodation hours. 

Your child(ren) may only be in care during your scheduled times/days.

(This is not only important for me to meal/activity plan, but also to schedule appts/family activities/events.)


 Please understand that following the daycare schedules you have given me is crucial, as I do not always have children in the morning or in the late afternoon and may plan activities or dr. appts etc. based on yours and others schedules I have received


If you are running late or your schedule changes, you will let me know as soon as possible or make arrangements for someone to pick up child(ren).



Rates Regarding Holidays, Vacations, and Other Absences:

1.    Daycare will be closed on all major holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and day after (Black Friday), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Payment will be the same as if the child was in attendance. If the holiday lands on a weekend it will be observed on the Friday if the holiday falls on Saturday or on Monday if the holiday falls on a Sunday with pay. Weekly rate is still the same.

2. Charges for a child’s absence will be the same as though the child was in attendance.

3. The provider, Amanda Wemhoff, will received 3 paid days off per year not including paid holidays. Any additional days to the 3 paid days off will not be charge.

Termination Procedure:

Either parent/legal guardian or provider may terminate this contract by giving a two-week written notice in advanced of the ending date. Payment by parent/guardian is due for the notice period, whether or not the child is brought to the provider for care. The provider may terminate the contract without any notice if the parent/legal guardian do not make payment when due.


By signing this contract, parent/ legal guardian agrees to abide by the policies of the provider. The provider may amend the policies by giving the parent/ legal guardian a copy of the new or changed policies at least one week before they will go into effect.


Provider’s Signature: _____________________________________________________      Date: __________


Mother/ Legal Guardian Signature: ____________________________________________   Date: __________

Father / Legal Guardian Signature: ____________________________________________   Date: __________



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